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Halo Industries, Inc. is already delivering industry best SiC wafering yield performance and a roadmap to a new quality standard to leading fabricators in the power semiconductor industry.

Halo’s proprietary equipment and processing technologies already reduce defects introduced by traditional wafering technologies.

Our next generation of wafering solutions will further reduce the number of performance-sapping defects, both on and below the surface of SiC wafers, that are all too common in even the highest quality wafers currently on the market. The continuous reduction of these defects will effectively produce a new quality standard for SiC wafers.

We invite you to explore how semiconductor device fabricators can improve both their products and their bottom line by leveraging the value delivered by Halo.

Halo Industries – Value Proposition – Yield & Quality

Halo Industries, Inc. Value Proposition

  • Customers treated as collaborative partners to optimize wafer characteristics for downstream fabrication
  • Industry best wafer per ingot yield 
  • Process recipes optimized for individual ingots
  • Surface/sub-surface damage, as well as bow and warp effects from traditional wafering are eliminated, minimizing the need for post-processing
  • Quality is meticulously measured “by the slice”, using thorough metrology. Data travels with individual wafers from Halo to our customers

As a growth stage startup, Halo’s value proposition is far from fully defined.

Over the coming months and years, our R&D roadmap will continue to innovate to bring additional value in the SiC market as well as new, emerging applications

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