Perfecting the art of laser-based silicon carbide (SiC) wafering

Using proprietary, laser-based hardware and processing technology, Halo Industries, Inc. delivers industry-best SiC wafer-per-millimeter yield, while eliminating the high levels of material stress and kerf loss caused by traditional wafering methods.

Accelerating the growth of sustainable electrification markets

By improving the availability of the highest quality SiC wafers and the semiconductor devices our wafers are used to produce, Halo is lowering a critical barrier to the deployment of reliable, efficient, and sustainable electrification products and platforms.

Electric Vehicles
SiC enables <10 minute charging time and >10% improved range from the same battery pack
Electric Rail and Transit
SiC delivers >15% total energy savings and 25% smaller/lighter power modules
Grid Infrastructure
SiC improves round trip efficiency by >8%, while decreasing substation size from 11,000 to 50 SF
SiC increases electric efficiency by >15% while improving cooling capacity by >10%
Aerospace and Defense
SiC delivers more efficient, more compact electronics for commercial and government platforms alike
Motor Drives
SiC delivers a 5x reduction in switching losses and >10% in energy savings
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Best-in-class wafer per mm yield and wafer processing yield.

Unparalleled quality due to decreased crystal stress and surface defects.

Optimized manufacturing efficiency requiring less material, energy, and water consumption.

And that's not all we
Have on the horizon.

In addition to silicon carbide, Halo Industries, Inc. is developing laser-based wafering and processing technologies for silicon, sapphire, diamond, and other critical materials. 

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