Wafers and Wafer Processing Services

SiC Wafers

Aligning with our customers, Halo Industries, Inc. offers four grades of wafer quality:  MOSFET and Diode Production Grades, R&D Grade, and Mechanical Grade wafers.

Wafer Processing Services

During the initial build of our manufacturing lines, Halo discovered how few quality vendors exist for critical wafer processing services, including grinding, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), and metrology/wafer mapping. Halo is prepared to help you complete your manufacturing loop.

Future Materials & Services

Halo is developing wafering solutions for a range of form factors and materials, including silicon, sapphire, and diamond, and we’re always interested in hearing from potential customers and partners regarding opportunities to collaborate.

How can we help YOU?

Halo’s customer relationships almost always start with a question, leading to a collaborative partnership. Help us discover how we can help accelerate your success.