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Company History

Climate tech and sustainability have always been at the heart of Halo’s vision. In 2014, Halo’s founding team spun out of a Stanford University research lab to develop tools and technology used to manufacture thin, flexible silicon for solar energy and semiconductor applications.

About Halo Industries – Founding Members
Halo Industries, Founding Team, Circa 2016

Today, Halo Industries, Inc. is primarily using its proprietary, laser-based tools and processing technologies to produce high-quality silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, solving one of the industry’s biggest pain points.

SiC wafers represent the foundational building block for the fabrication of the world’s most efficient high voltage power electronics, making them a critical element in the global drive toward sustainable electrification.    

Halo’s manufacturing innovations significantly increase SiC wafer yield and quality, accelerating growth opportunities for multiple downstream applications, including electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging stations, solar/wind power electronics, electric grid infrastructure, industrial motor drives, HVAC, electric rail/transit, and aerospace/defense.

Halo’s technical and operational growth has positioned the company to become the industry leader in SiC wafering.

As Halo builds its capabilities, we remain committed to the team’s core passion for making the world a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient place to live.

We invite you to follow us as we pursue the achievement of our vision.

Company Leadership

About Halo Industries – Andrei Iancu – Company Leadership

Andrei Iancu


About Halo Industries – Philip Van Stockum – Company Leadership

Philip Van Stockum


About Halo Industries – Charlie Rudy – Company Leadership

Charlie Rudy


About Halo Industries – Chris Hon – Company Leadership

Chris Hon

VP Operations

About Halo Industries – Bart Laenens – Company Leadership

Bart Laenens

VP Program Management

Vinod Nair, Head of Sales

Vinod Nair

Head of Sales

Tuc Nguyen, CFO

Tuc Nguyen


About Halo Industries – Andrew Bollman – Company Leadership

Andrew Bollman


About Halo Industries – Luke Asperger – Company Leadership

Luke Asperger


About Halo Industries – Kim Butler – Company Leadership

Kim Butler

VP Business Development

Board Membership

Kirk Hasserjian
Independent Board Member and Chairman of the Board

Dakin Sloss
Director, Prime Movers Lab

Dan Armbrust
Independent Board Member

Andrei Iancu
CEO/President, Halo Industries

Philip Van Stockum
CTO, Halo Industries

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